Laurent Rochelle

The Relationship Between Music and Photography

Determination, expedition, experimentation, improvement of the learning procedure, as well as an individuality of interpretation are just some of the top qualities which drive musicians and also professional photographers to boost their art. For me, the parallels between making music and making a picture are very strong and also deeply deep-rooted.

My first short article in the series, ‘The Transformative Process’, took a look at exactly how an abstract digital photographer and an artist both ‘change’ their basic material, and in the process, infuse it with their very own personal analysis, uniqueness and characterisation. In this short article I ‘d like to discover the process or experience of making music and also contrast that with the experience of making an abstract photograph.

A ‘Hands On’ Experience for both Songs and also Digital photography
For someone who plays a tool, music is as much concerning the ‘doing’ as the ‘paying attention’. It’s literally hands on– it’s physical, tactile and all consuming. It’s a really energetic and also appealing process. It’s called ‘Method’. But it’s something which I always enjoy.

I’ll quite happily sit for hours at the piano, dealing with and also refining an item. I obtain wonderful satisfaction as well as fulfillment from getting over the preliminary challenges and technical troubles included within a piece, and also inevitably getting to a state of efficiency where I recognize I’ve achieved the very best I potentially can.

I really feel similarly about my abstract photography. I take pleasure in the procedure and also experience of making a picture. It is additionally hands on. The feeling of the video camera in your hand, its weight, the strap around your neck, the connection you make when you bring the video camera approximately your eye, the physicality of moving around an object, exploring its prospective as well as uncovering the most effective means of photographing it.

I can conveniently invest hours at once in this search too. In a manner it’s an extremely individual as well as intimate exercise– similar to practising a tool– and one which also includes that wonderful sense of enjoyment and also complete satisfaction when you attain the shot you want.

Accept the Understanding Process
So, in both my music and also photography, I take pleasure in the procedure as high as the end product. My musical history has educated me the worth of perseverance, perseverance and decision– top qualities which digital photographers additionally need.

Yet more, it’s educated me the worth of testing, adaptability of strategy and also to value the discovering process itself. To accomplish an adequate music efficiency requires hours of job behind the scenes; hrs of experimentation, of learning what works efficiently and also what doesn’t, as well as hours of improvement.

Photography coincides. I work extremely hard at making my photos and often it takes a very long time.

I believe one of the charms of songs and also photography is that you can be totally humbled by your craft. You’re completely aware that you never ever stop discovering– there’s possibility in everything and also always something new– whether it’s a new item or brand-new subject matter to photograph.

Discovering as well as being open to brand-new opportunities of analysis gives a difficulty and motivation in both areas of effort as well as sustains our creative spirit.